There’s Now A Gangster Hotline That Lets You Call Up And Trash Talk Whoever You Want

Gangster Hotline

And it’s only $4.99 a minute.

Following on from the success of the street fighting app RUMBLR which used a Tinder style interface system to let you set up street fights in your area – and unfortunately turned out to be fake – we’ve now got the Gangster Hotline, which enables you to phone up and talk shit to random ass people you’ve never met. Great right?

Although the advert below does look like it’s a parody and kind of a joke, it seems like the service actually does exist and people are willing to pay the $4.99 a minute fee to leave long disses to nobody in particular. There’s actually a website where you can listen to them, so it’s 100% legit because there are a shit ton on there that I don’t think they could have faked.

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So is this a good idea? I suppose whoever created it has made at least a bit of money from all these morons calling up and doing this, but why the hell are they doing it in the first place?

I really have no clue whatsoever, but I suppose they’re all wannabe gangsters like this guy who are trying out their disses before they have to use them in real life? Even that sounds pathetic though. Any ideas, hit us up.


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