Introducing RUMBLR – The New Tinder Style App For Setting Up Illegal Street Fights

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This is 100% real apparently.

I’m not really the kind of person to start random fights in the street with people, but it’s good to know that if I was then now I would be able to have a 100% success rate of getting into fights with the people I started on thanks to a new Tinder style app called RUMBLR. That’s got to be one of the most effective names for an app in history, right?

RUMBLR lets you scroll through a database of other people who are down to fight, then you pick someone you want to fight, insult them a bit and set up a fight on a street corner somewhere. It’s then up to you to show up and kick this fool’s ass or pussy out. What’s more, you can also promote the fight on the app so that other users can come check it out and there will be a big crowd (hopefully) cheering you on.

In fact, you don’t even need to sign up to fight you can just use the app to find out about fights in your area, which sounds like a great way to kill a Saturday afternoon – just cruising around watching people take part in brutal street fights. There’s also an option where you get to check out the vital stats of the people you’re fighting to make sure you can take them before the big fight.

RUMBLR has pretty much got everything you need to ensure a successful street fight in one app. Scroll through the slideshow to see some screenshots from RUMBLR below.

(Use the arrow keys to move left and right.)

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