A Gang Of Chavs Are Trying To Behead Cyclists In Hyde Park In The Most Fucked Up Way Possible

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Watch out.

A bunch of teenagers have been spotted trying to garrotte people in Hyde Park with a rope strung between two trees. Savage.

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A woman got caught in the middle of it and was struck across the throat by the rope as she cycled through the park. Met Police described how she struggled to breath and regain her balance after the attack. She later suffered from rope burn across her neck.

She said that she had spotted a bunch of hooded teenagers holding the rope across her path. Sort of wondering why she carried on if she had seen that, but I guess it must have happened pretty suddenly. Police are now warning cyclists to stay vigilant and to report to them if they see any funny business.

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Detective Constable Mick Heaney of Westminster CID said:

This is an extremely dangerous and foolish act that could cause serious injuries.

We are not aware of any other incidents at this stage but would urge cyclists and pedestrians to exercise caution when in the area.

So yeah, if any of you are heading that way over the weekend, watch out and if you see any little shitbags then report it ASAP. And maybe don’t confront them like this guy did after he saw a group of chavs throwing stones at a van. Unless you like having your head kicked in.


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