Gang Of Jewellery Thieves Filmed Smashing Their Way Into Shop In Central London

Shop rob

The great jewel heist.

This morning a gang of thieves were caught on camera smashing their way into a popular jewellery shop in central London.

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Three people were spotted breaking into Boodles jewellers in Knightsbridge, while another three getaway drivers waited outside at around 10.40am. After getting what they wanted and leaving the shop, the gang all sped away on mopeds.

Police said that the thieves used hammers to smash through the glass counters and grab the goods. It is currently unknown what they got away with or who was involved in the robbery, although a Scotland Yard spokeswoman confirmed that investigations are underway:

Police are investigating after the robbery of a jewellers in Chelsea.

Police were called at 10.37am to reports of a robbery at a jewellers at Basil Street at junction with Sloane Street.

A number of suspects had arrived on motor scooters, entered the store and then used hammers to smash their way through counter displays.

The robbers removed property from the displays and then made off on the bikes.

It’s a pretty bold move to be breaking into a jewellery shop like that in broad daylight, but then I guess it’s also an ideal time because no one would be expecting it. Police are hardly going to be waiting outside a fancy shop in Chelsea, mid-morning on a Wednesday no less. And by the looks of things, their plan worked flawlessly and they had a pretty smooth getaway. I guess it all depends now on whether the police catch up with them or not.
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