Watch What Happens When A Hood Gang Visit The City’s ‘Whitest Suburb’


This isn’t what you expect at all.

Never judge a book by its cover, or rather, don’t whig out when a bunch of black guys show up at your front door. That’s the moral of this social experiment.

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In the video you see a group of black men, dressed in dark clothes, caps and chains. They’re trying to find out if people would stereotype them on sight if they visited the ‘whitest neighbourhood in the city’.

As you see, some people prang out and shut the door in their faces, whilst others don’t answer at all. It’s their loss though, as these men are incredible acapella carol singers, about to give a faultless rendition of Little Drummer Boy and Oh Come All Ye Faithful.

The video was a prank set up by Mabe In America. He got the men to look as gangster as possible, to show that looks can be deceiving. It’s a good thing this didn’t escalate into something terrible though, i.e. scared white Americans getting trigger-happy with guns.

Speaking of escalation, this prank a girl played on her boyfriend pretending she was pregnant certainly jumps up a notch or 3 real quick. Devastating.


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