Someone Has Made Game Of Thrones Pin Up Posters And You Are Going To Want Them

Game Of Thrones Pin Up Posters Featured

Great idea.

Game Of Thrones is pretty much everybody’s favourite show on television at the moment – how about that last episode eh? – and it will probably continue to be for some time to come as well, as George R.R. Martin hasn’t even finished the books yet so there’s at least a few more seasons of action out there.

One of the things that people love the most about Game Of Thrones is the fact that there are a lot of babes in it and they regularly get full on naked. I mean sure all the violence and plot twists are great too, but all the nudity is definitely an attraction for a lot of people. And the fact that all the girls in it are stunningly beautiful helps too. It’s just a shame that most of them are complete and utter bitches in the show, although I suppose that doesn’t make you fancy them less. Well not really anyway.

It’s no surprise really that someone has decided to capitalise on their attractiveness and release this set of artwork with all the main female protagonists in sexy poses acting like pinups. Of course it sucks that they’re all cartoons, so hopefully we’ll be able to get some real posters of all these babes looking like this soon. We can but hope.

These cartoons of Game Of Thrones characters from the 90s are really cool as well.

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