Game Of Thrones Will Not Be Affected By Brexit

Jon Snow

Thank God.

With all the uncertainty following Thursday’s landmark referendum, one small piece of good news has finally come out of it: the production of Game Of Thrones will not be affected.

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Fans of the show had been terrified that a lack of EU funding from its Regional Development Fund may affect future seasons of the show, as much of it is shot on location in Northern Ireland. However, a statement released by Northern Ireland Screen – who provide Game Of Thrones with many of its tax incentives – proved that this wouldn’t be the case:

This statement is to confirm that Northern Ireland Screen’s production funding comes from the Northern Ireland Executive through Invest NI and does not use monies provided from European funded programmes.

We look forward to business as usual.

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HBO also echoed this themselves, saying the following:

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We do not anticipate that the result of the EU Referendum will have any material effect on HBO producing Game Of Thrones.

Phew. In any case, most people think that Game Of Thrones will be over by the eighth series so it might not even be around by the time the UK does eventually manage to facilitate its exit from the EU. Let’s hope that whatever happens in that regard that Game Of Thrones isn’t affected at all. Especially after that finale last night.


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