Game Of Thrones Characters As School Children

Joffrey Retro Game Of Thrones Character

Are these guys cute or creepy looking in their high school personas?

Game Of Thrones returned on Sunday night and everyone seemed to go absolutely crazy about it – social media was blowing up, people were spouting off about it and HBO had their highest ever ratings for it.

In any case, it seems to be a thing these days to imagine the Game Of Thrones characters in different scenarios away from the world of Westeros in different scenarios, and the latest person to try this is Bob Al-Greene from Mashable who has re-imagined some of the main characters as high school characters with cool retro laser backgrounds. It’s hard to tell whether they look creepy or cute – I would say it’s definitely somewhere in between the two.

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Daenerys Targaryen


This was obviously before Daenerys realised she was a complete babe and was still going through a tomboy phase. She’s clearly always had her love for dragons though.

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