Somebody Has Drawn The Entire Game Of Thrones Cast In The Style Of Bob’s Burgers

I mean why not?

Game Of Thrones and Bob’s Burgers are undeniably both great shows, but they’re very very different on almost every level imaginable. I mean one is a cartoon about a weird burger store and the other is a sprawling fantasy epic with death, incest and rape regularly on the agenda.

But hey – some dude obviously thought what the world needed was a Bob’s Burgers/Game Of Thrones mashup and spent a whole month of his life drawing everything single character out. Would a Game Of Thrones cartoon in this style work? Probably not but it’s still funny seeing all of these tough guys look like little Bob’s Burgers creeps.

Check out the full gallery by using the slideshow below. If you enjoyed this check out Game Of Thrones characters in a 90s style and Breaking Bad character like The Simpsons.

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Bobs Burgers Game Of Thrones 1

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