VIDEO: Game Of Thrones Gets Brutally Honest Trailer (Spoilers)


On the eve of the fourth season premiere, we get a trailer that sums up the first three seasons: ‘it’s kinda like a history test with boobs and dragons’

Game Of Thrones is back for season four and everyone is getting hyped the fuck up for it. If for some reason you’ve missed the first three series, then thankfully the guys at Screen Junkies have made a (full of spoilers) version of a trailer for the show that pretty much sums up what it’s all about and some of the events of the first three series.

I don’t think you’ll know exactly what’s going on from watching the trailer (hell, the narrator doesn’t seem to know half of the character’s names and that seems to be the point) but you’ll definitely get a better understanding than if you jump in on season 4 and it’s pretty jokes too. Although probably way more jokes if you’ve actually watched the show and know what they’re talking about.

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