Gambler Tries To Impress His Hot Friend; Ends Up Losing £80,000 Jackpot

Jan Flato

When your luck runs out.

We all make crazy mistakes to try and get laid – just speak to this poor dude who got mauled by an alligator while trying to impress his date.

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Those bad decisions might still haunt you to this day, but hopefully your pain can be eased when you hear the ultimate fuck up made by this unlucky gambler.

During a recent trip to the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Florida, a 66-year-old guy called Jan Flato was gambling on the slot machines, when he asked a hot lady friend, Marina Medvedeva Navarro, to push the button for him “for good luck”.


Her “luck” seemed to work all too well, as the machine landed on the $100,000 (around £80,000) jackpot. Sounds like it was Jan’s lucky day, right? WRONG, because according to the casino’s rules, the hefty jackpot now belonged to Marina since she was the one who pushed the button.

Jan said:

Upstairs, the eye in the sky says she technically touched the button, so we have to pay her.

Of course, the normal thing to do would be to split the money. But sadly for Jan, Marina took the money and ran:

I said, ‘Marina, what are you doing?’ and she gets up and walks out.


What a cold heartless bitch. Poor old Jan was only asking her to get involved as a nice gesture – the least she could’ve done was split the winnings 50/50. Apparently he’s still super pissed at Marina (well duh) and he has a little advice to anyone thinking of hitting the casino:

Don’t ever let them touch the button, don’t even tell them to touch anything for luck, because they can do what Marina did to me.

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Looks like Jan’s never going to trust again – or at least not when it comes to his slot machines.

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