Fyre Festival’s Billy McFarland Is Coming Clean In New Podcast ‘Dumpster Fyre’

It’s recorded live from a prison payphone.

The ‘Fyre Festival’ debacle is embedded in the public consciousness thanks to a pair of epic documentaries and it feels like we’ll probably be hearing about what the mastermind behind it Billy McFarland is up to periodically for the rest of his life because he seems like the kind of asshole that’s just going to keep trying to pull ridiculous stunts over and over again.

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Right now, I think most of us know that McFarland is serving a six year jail sentence for fraud in the  Federal Correctional Institution of Elkton in Ohio (OK, maybe we didn’t know where he was serving time but I’m pretty sure we all knew he was in jail) and he’s come up with the brilliant idea of trying to explain himself via a podcast. The podcast will be called ‘Dumspter Fyre’ – see what they did there? – and Billy will be speaking to a guy named Jordan Harbinger from the prison payphone. Hopefully the other prisoners will be quiet and respectful of the fact that he’s recording a podcast when he’s talking on the public payphone.

From the trailer, it sounds as if Billy has finally come to realise how much of a major douchebag he was for his actions in the run up to Fyre Festival and is looking for forgiveness through this podcast. Whether or not anyone is willing to give it to him is another story though:

I’m aware of the pain and suffering that I caused. What I did was completely wrong and stupid.

I’m not going to hide behind my mistakes; I’m going to share everything that happened.

When I think about the mistakes that were made and what happened, there’s no way that I can describe it but just, ‘What the f*** was I thinking?”

Well, the way to redemption and forgiveness is to first recognise and own your mistakes so I guess McFarland is doing something right with this, but I just don’t know if anyone is going to believe him, especially considering he’s attempting this through a podcast so he’s obviously going to make money off it and boost his profile through it. If he did it on his own somewhere nobody would even know he was trying to sort himself out though, so I guess it’s case of damned if you do, damned if you don’t. May as well try and make some coin off it.

Regardless of all that though, it should be an interesting listen. Whether or not Bill is rehabilitated and accepted on the back of it is anyone’s guess though. I’m saying probably not.

For more of the same, check out this story about Billy being a complete twat in prison as well. Wonder what changed since then?


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