The funniest and most random exam answers all in one place.

We have all sat there in front of a boring exam paper thinking ‘what the hell’ and if your anything like me, have let your brain drift off into a far more interesting if not slightly bizarre realm. Basically anything to distract from what’s in front of you.

Sitting there, working things out that you are never going to use, so that an invisible exam board can tell you how intelligent you are. I would have much preferred to replace the answers with a nice little note to the teacher describing what a dick they were.

Being a shithouse though I never did. Others however, replaced the answers with far more interesting things. is a site where teachers upload some of the most random exam answers they have ever come across…possible counter attack on the thicko’s? There are also some humorous detention slips thrown in for good measure.

 Check it out and be transported back to the good old days of your work being laced with evil red pen.

 Here are a few from the site:


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