‘Funeral Crasher’ Reveals Why She’s Attended More Than 200 Ceremonies



After watching ‘Wedding Crashers’ I think everyone can understand why it might be beneficial to walk in on one of those, but in all honesty it had never even crossed my mind that people might do the same with funerals. What could possibly be the benefit of that?

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55-year-old Jeane Trend-Hill is here to set the record straight though, saying that she finds great comfort in visiting graveyards. A decade ago, she accidentally stumbled into a church service during one of her visits and realised just how great it was for her to attend funeral services.

Here’s what she had to say about her strange passion:

I walked into this pretty church and realised a service was on.

I was raised as a Catholic and told that it’s then bad to then leave, so I stayed and sat at the back.

It was a complete stranger, but I was moved.

Shortly after a cemetery worker reached out and asked if I’d attend a funeral for a veteran.

Now I’ve attended nearly 200 funerals for people I don’t actually know – although I have lost count of the exact amount.

No one should ever be cremated or buried alone.

If I’m asked and I can go I will.

Death has never worried me.

I hope I can make death feel less scary for people. It’s my way of giving something back.

Ok first of all it’s kind of weird that she’s obsessed with death – she says she feels ‘at home’ in cemeteries and enjoys taking pictures of tombstones – but I guess it’s kind of nice that she shows up to people’s funerals that don’t have many people in attendance. It’s a tough job but somebody’s gotta do it I suppose. Fair play to her for stepping up even if she’s clearly a very strange person.

For more of the same, check out this old Tumblr that was just people taking selfies at funerals. Another strange vibe.



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