Funeral Gets Called Off After ‘Dead Man’ Is Found Getting Wasted At Local Bar



A funeral organised in Kenya was dramatically called off recently after the supposed dead man was spotted drinking at a nearby bar as mourners arrived.

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The grave had even been dug for Wilson Oluoch, local in his home village Awendo in Migori county. Wilson had been missing for three weeks and when a decomposed body showed up in a sugar cane plantation, his family assumed it was his.

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However, shortly before the funeral someone announced to the family that they had seen Wilson at a nearby bar. After travelling down to visit the bar, they found him there, not dead, but very, very drunk.

He said that he felt so ashamed after returning home drunk that he decided to run away and start afresh. There’s no need for that mate – just get a kebab and chill out.

Thankfully his family members forgave his mini-breakdown and the funeral was swiftly converted into a celebration party. What a turnaround. I think that this might just be our feel good story of the day.

Aside from the dead guy who was found at the plantation – apparently investigations into his identity are still ongoing. RIP.

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