The Full Trailer For Season 3 Of Narcos Is Absolutely Epic

Narcos 2

The war on drugs continues.

Spoilers from the off in this one guys.

Narcos is one of the best shows on Netflix and if you thought that the show was going to slow down following the death of Pablo Escobar at the end of series 2, then you would be completely wrong judging by the trailer for season 3.

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Now that Escobar is out of the picture, the Cali Cartel starts to flex its muscles and take over the international drug trade. During the course of the series, we’re going to witness the rise of the biggest drug cartel in history:

Well that certainly looks violent doesn’t it? Looks like the story is only going to get better and more epic when this drops on September 1st, which is only a month away. There really isn’t any way it’s not going to be awesome is it?

For more on the drug trade, check out this recreation of the Pablo Escobar story in papier mache. Epic.


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