Someone’s Made A Full Screen Browser Version Of Super Mario Bros

Clear your schedule of anything important you had to do. Someone has made a full screen version of the gaming classic that is Super Mario Bros for your browser.

I love wasting time. In fact I go out of my way to procrastinate and have become somewhat of a champion at it. Sometimes it pays off, a lot of the time it doesn’t. Luckily today was one of the former, as it meant I stumbled upon this great website. Using HTML 5 someone has created a full screen version of Super Mario Bros.

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It is the creation of computer science student Josh Goldberg. If you’re a purist he’s recreated the classic levels for you.  If you want something a bit random there are loads of randomly generated levels just for you. If you fancy getting a bit creative you’ve even been given the opportunity to design your own levels.

Say goodbye to anything productive you had to do for a while and enjoy this easy access retro gaming. No need to dust off your NES, you can go and play it here.


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