Friends Is Returning To Terrestrial Television For The First Time In Ten Years


I’ll be there for you.

It’s hard to believe that Friends hasn’t actually released a new episode in the past 14 years because it’s on literally every time you check the television schedules, but it is indeed that long since Rachel got off the plane and finally decided to be with Ross forever.

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Even more weird is the fact that it hasn’t been on terrestrial television for all this time, but apparently it was 2008 that the gang last appeared on a format that was accessible to everyone. Since then it’s been consigned to Comedy Central and Netflix, but that hasn’t really stopped anyone from watching it as I imagine a majority of people in this country have access to one of those formats, even if it’s piggybacking someone else’s account.

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For those of you that don’t have either of them though, there’s good news as Joey and the gang are heading back to Channel 5 as of today (I think) and they’ll be airing a double bill every weekday at 4pm. That’s kinda annoying for those of us with jobs and school and stuff to do, but hey for the unemployed and students it’s pretty much perfect.

Can’t wait to tune in to see what those guys are up to, even though I’ve probably watched every episode about five times already and know exactly what’s going to happen. It just gets better every time.

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