Someone Has Worked Out How Many People Each Of The Friends Had Sex With


Who do you think got the least?

Even over ten years since the final episode, people are still watching Friends and still finding out new facts about it. Today: how many people each of the Friends managed to bonk during the show’s ten series.

The grand total is 120, which isn’t really that good going when you think about it because it means that on average they shagged 20 people each throughout the course of the show, which means on average they only shagged about two people a year each. Considering all they did was try to get laid and talk about getting laid most of the time, that’s pretty much nothing.

Of course though, it didn’t work like that and the Friends’ sexual partners weren’t evenly distributed. Have a guess who you think got the highest and lowest numbers, then scroll down for the reveal.

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Friends Sexual Partners

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Well yeah, I suppose it isn’t really any surprise that Chandler got laid the least over ten years, with a measly one lay a year. I guess he was sleeping with Monica for about five seasons though.

Other than that, I don’t think there are really any great surprises: I always thought Joey, Phoebe and Rachel were the sluttiest, although it’s perhaps kind of surprising how good Ross was with the ladies considering he’s a complete sociopath. It’s all food for thought though and kind of got me thinking how there isn’t a similar (truthful) test I could do with my own group of friends.

Whilst someone’s devising a way to figure that out, did you hear the one about how Matthew Perry and Courtney Cox might be dating each other in real life?


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