The Friday The 13th Video Game Finally Has A Release Date

Coming sooner than you think.

We’ve been excited about the Friday The 13th video game here are Sick Chirpse for a while now, but it’s been pretty annoying as it never had an official release date… until now.

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Gun Media have finally pulled their fingers out and announced that the game will be available on May 26th as a digital download on PS4, Xbox One and Steam. It’ll cost you $40 (or maybe £40, not sure how they’re doing it) and if you’re not convinced that it’s worth it, check out the trailer below and you’ll almost certainly change your mind:

Oh boy. I simply can’t wait to stalk around Crystal Lake as Jason Voorhees, brutally murdering all those stupid camp counsellors.

It looks kinda fun having to run away from Jason when you play as the counsellors too and I like the addition of features like holding your breath and picking locks. But let’s be honest – the only reason anyone is going to play this game is so that you can kill a bunch of good looking teenagers in disgustingly violent fashion. Gotta love that shit.

If that trailer wasn’t enough to convince you though, maybe check out this video of the actual gameplay in action. That will definitely do it.


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