Watch These Insanely Brutal Kills In The New ‘Friday The 13th’ Video Game Trailer

Pitchfork Through Head Jason Voorhees

Unprecedented levels of brutality.

We’ve been pretty excited about the ‘Friday The 13th’ video game ever since it was revealed that you could play as Jason Voorhees himself and kill a bunch of pesky teenagers trying to lose their virginity, but we’re now even more pumped after a video of all the awesome ways you can kill people within the game has been released.

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The trailer below is three minutes of absolutely brutal deaths, with a personal favourite being the one you can see above where Jason rams a pitchfork through the back of a girl’s head. Also liked the one where he stomped someone to death on a fire too.

Just kidding, those aren’t actually that good – wait until you get towards the end of the trailer for the really horrific shit:

Yeah just have that spear right through your face you dumb bitch, how do you like that?

I’m not really sure how this is going to translate itself into a fully playable game, as surely there’s only so many times you can kill the same amount of people (once) but I suppose they’ve bothered developing it, so they must have some tricks up their sleeve. We’ll see come October I guess.

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