French Statue Gets Detachable Penis To Thwart Thieves

Hercules Statue

‘I wouldn’t want anyone – not even my worst enemies – to go through what happens to this statue.’

Over in a French town called Arachon, the local government has finally figured out a way to stop their famous statue of Greek hero Heracles being constantly vandalised – by giving it a detachable penis.

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Heracles’ appendage has been stolen by thieves so many times – with many of the cases unsolved, and Heracles often being left with a small metal rod instead of it (embarrassing) – that the mayor of the town Yves Foulon has decided that it’s now time to put the ‘systematic’ issue to rest. From now on, the statue will have a detachable penis that will be attached when it’s being used for official photographs or ceremonies, whilst the rest of the time it simply won’t be there.

Foulon had this to say about his decision:

Heracles Statue No Penis

Considering Heracles’ fragile manhood we’ve chosen to give him a removable prosthetic that we can add to the statue before each ceremony.

This is the best solution, otherwise you just end up constantly chasing after the anatomy of Heracles.

I wouldn’t want anyone – not even my worst enemies – to go through what happens to this statue.

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Sounds like a major bummer, not just for Heracles but for any tourists visiting the town and wanting to catch a glimpse of his manhood. Surely this is going to affect tourist revenues over there? Or perhaps boost them massively when there is a big ceremony as it will be a rare occasion when people actually get to see Heracles’ junk. Maybe it will actually save the town, who knows?

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