The French Mayor Just Destroyed The UK About Brexit With This New Road Name


Third degree burn.

2016 will always be remembered as the year that Britain voted Brexit, whatever the result ends up leading to for the country.

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One man who seems to think that it was the right decision for the UK to leave the European Union is a far right French politician named Julian Sanchez, who is currently serving as mayor in the town of Beaucaire in southern France. Over Christmas, he announced on Twitter that he was naming a new street in the town ‘Rue De Brexit’ in honour of the decision:

Leave voters were officially stoked by this decision and remain voters just thought it was stupid, but then it didn’t take too long for them to check out the road and realise that it literally led to nowhere. It’s not quite a dead end, but it’s a circular road that loops back onto the road it came from, making it fairly useless.

To make the whole situation even more ironic, the road that it meets is called the ‘Rue Robert Schuman’. You probably don’t know this, but Robert Schuman is a famous French politician who is generally thought of as one of the founding fathers of the European Union. So Rue du Brexit effectively leaves the European Union and then goes around in a circle before rejoining it:


Beautiful – pretty much sums up the whole Leave campaign right? For more Brexit consequences, check out how your favourite supermarket meal deal is officially on its way out because of it. Hot damn.


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