This Free Kick Has The Most Insane Curve On It You Will Ever See

Insane Free Kick

Roberto Carlos eat your heart out.

The Roberto Carlos banana ball goal is one of the most insane free kicks of all time because it literally looks like it’s going one way and then goes a completely different direction, just like a banana.

This goal is even crazier than that though, by a factor of about ten. I haven’t ever seen anything like this in all my years watching the sport.

It comes from the Malaysian League earlier today when Pulau Pinang and Pahang were playing each other. Midfielder Faiz Subri stepped up to take the free kick and produced one of the most insane shots I’ve ever seen.

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I mean what the heck? How on Earth did he manage to do that and get it in, the ball completely changes direction pretty much whilst it’s in the middle of the air?

The only thing I could maybe think of was if the wind blew it, but it would have to be some pretty insane wind for that to happen and it doesn’t look like it’s slowed down in the air or changed direction, it kind of looks like he’s just banged it and somehow it’s gone in off that trajectory. Master.

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