My buddy Ricky Ecko is throwing a party on October 21st with Kassem Mosse, Chairman Kato and Count Chocula and YOU can win free entry.

My buddy Ricky Ecko has been running this club night/party called Udio in London for a few years now; it’s fairly irregular and I think they just took an extended break but whenever I’ve been down it’s been a fun party. I’m more of a punk rock guy obviously but Udio seems to have the right combination of party music to guarantee a good time. According to a write up from the Unabombers they manage to ‘drop disco, us garage n house alongside fresh Mosca n Jamie xx, future uk garage and 2step and techno and the crowd get it.’

They’re coming back on October 21st at a new venue – The Camp (City and Arts Music Project, 70-74 City Road) with Kassem Mosse, Chairman Kato and Count Chocula in attendance as well as the Udio residents Ricky Ecko, Chris C-top and Earthworm Jim. I don’t really know anything about any of these guys but Ricky Ecko tells me that ‘you can presume swamped irregular electronics chained to regular rhythms and unbending sound mechanics to invert the corners of the sun’ from Kassem Mosse and you can ‘expect atomic boogie bombs and diazepam wobblers from Chairman Kato and Count Chocula.’ Ricky Ecko himself told me that it was going to be more like a rave than previous sessions, which sounds good to me. I just love partying so whatever.

If you need any more details on the event you can check out the Facebook event right here. Otherwise, if you want to win free entry all you have to do is email your name to First ten people get free entry so you know, get on it. What have you got to lose? It’s going to be a fun night that’s for sure. Check out the flyer below and make sure you’re there on October 21st to welcome Udio back.

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