Freak Woman Breastfeeds Her Dog But Not Her Children

woman breastfeeds dog 2

If your kids aren’t taking to your breastfeeding and it’s really bumming out what do you do? Breastfeed the next best thing, which is a dog obviously.

woman breastfeeds dog 2

A woman who describes herself as an ‘outrageous mum’ has revealed that she has been breastfeeding her daughter’s dog for two years. I’m sure you’re thinking something like ‘wow, that’s great’ or ‘what the hell is up with that freak, that’s really fvcking screwed up,’ or something somewhere between the two. Her name is Terri Graham and she’s from southern California, which is kind of suprising because even though that’s a hippy area and full of free love and open mindedness and what have you, you would kinda expect something like this to be happening somewhere rural where you might find some inbreeding or something like one of those shitty midwestern states like New Mexico or  Idaho. Or maybe somewhere in Eastern Europe.

In any case I think most of you reading this will say it’s screwed up and it gets even more screwed up when Terri Graham opens her mouth. Not to suck on the dog’s dick thankfully, but to explain why she does this and continues to do it. Does it make sense? Of course not. Here goes: ‘it all started when I noticed the runt of the litter – named Spider – was refusing to eat his own dog food and instead started sucking on the teat of the bottle I was using to feed my baby Lucas. After letting him suck on the bottle for a couple of months it seems like a natural progression to let him start sucking directly from my breast.’ Yeah, ‘a natural progression.’ I guess that’s a natural progression if you’re sexually attracted to animals or fvcking mental.

She continues: ‘I’m really pleased about it because I missed out on breastfeeding my two kids because they would never latch on, so I’m really glad I got to experience the breastfeeding experience.’ Lady, I don’t care what you think but you are the only person who thinks that letting a little doggy suck on your titties is ‘the breastfeeding experience.’ She doesn’t care though, she realises people might think she’s a freak, but ‘it doesn’t matter because having spider suck on my boob means I finally feel complete and a better mother.’ Er yeah OK you fvcking freak.

There’s still more though. In case you were wondering if a dog sucking on a woman’s boobie hurt or not you will (I think) be relieved to find out that it doesn’t: ‘her tongue tickles and I can feel her teeth (shudder) but she latches onto my nipple (gross) in a way that doesn’t hurt me.’ Phew, that’s great. I’m glad.

Oh yeah and she also breastfeeds Spider in front of her kids and they think it’s amazing. The Californian police had better put those kids under surveillance right now and forever more because there is no way that they are not gonna try and shoot up their high school in a decade or so.

To leave you here’s a picture of the lucky lady and her dog:

woman breastfeeds dog


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