This Guy’s Entire Frat Got Suspended Because Of His Audition Tape For ‘Real World’ (VIDEO)

Douche-bag level = 1000.

West Virginia University’s entire Delta Tau Delta fraternity has been suspended indefinitely after one of its members posted an audition tape online for MTV reality show ‘Real World’, in which he makes some pretty sexist comments.

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Stephen Buckley has since deleted the video off his YouTube account, but naturally others saved it and re-uploaded it themselves.

In the video, he says:

People on audition tapes are always like, ‘that’s where the magic happens.’ That’s bullshit, the magic happens everywhere; behind the dumpster, outside, in a bathroom, in my car, sometimes in my room, you never know. It happens everywhere.

This is my room. I’m sorry guys, it’s a little messy. I’ll be honest with you, my bitches haven’t come to clean it up yet but you know after spring break they’ll be there and it’ll be real tidy.

Watch below:

Is this kid a bit of a bell-end? Absolutely. But is the video really that bad that his entire frat should be suspended? I’m not so sure. I mean I dislike frat culture as much as the next level-headed person but at the end of the day this is an audition tape for a Big Brother-style reality TV show, of course he’s going to say controversial things. Sounds to me like he’s just taking the piss (albeit not being very good at it), and it’s not like he got caught on hidden camera saying this stuff in the middle of a party or anything.

Again, not defending this guy or his shit video, just saying suspending his entire crew because he used the word “bitch” a couple times is a little OTT.

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