France Is Banning Vegetarians From Pretending Vegetarian Food Is Meat

Veggie Burger

Terms like ‘vegetarians sausages’ and ‘vegan bacon’ are no longer going to be allowed to be used.

Anyone with even a passing knowledge of veganism or vegetarianism will know that there are a whole bunch of fake meat/dairy substitutes with names like ‘vegetarian sausages’ and ‘vegan fish fingers’ and for the most part I don’t really see any problem with this – people still like the taste of those products, but just want an alternative that doesn’t involve the death of animals to obtain.

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However, apparently this is a major problem for the French government as they’ve announced that they’re going to ban vegetarian products from masquerading as meat. In short, this means that they’re looking for products with the names like I mentioned before to come up with something more creative to be called so they aren’t confused with meat.

Here’s what MP Jean-Baptiste Moreau – who put forward the proposal – said about it:

It is important to fight against false claims: Our products must be designated correctly: the terms #cheese or #steak will be reserved for products of animal origin!

Right. I mean it seems like a bit overkill and it’s fairly obvious if something is fake meat anyway I think. Just seems like a really dumb move to prevent vegetarian options from being labelled ‘burger’, ‘steak’, ‘sausage’ or ‘fillet’ when they’re essentially substitutes for those items.

No idea what names they’re going to come up with instead, just that it’s not going to be an option to use them any more over there, otherwise you’ll facing a fine of up to £264,000. Again, seems a bit over the top about something relatively straightforward and almost regressive to a point, but what do I know eh?

For more vegans, check out this woman who got vegan tattooed on her head. Again, seems a bit overkill.


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