A Foxhunter Was Filmed Squirting Fox Urine In An Elderly Protester’s Face

What a bitch.

One thing that I don’t think will ever be decided upon one way or another in this country is the debate over foxhunting because people that like to hunt foxes just love it so much that I doubt there’s any way that you’re ever going to be able to change their minds about it.

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If you don’t believe me just look at the absolute knob jockey in this video below. Julie Hadlow was racing around in the Ashford Valley Tickham Hunt on New Year’s Eve 2018, when she was confronted by a 64 year old protester named Bob about just what the hell she thought she was doing and what she was using to trail the hounds. Hadlow answered that she was using fox urine and then proceeded to squirt some in Bob’s elderly face – what the actual heck?

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That’s really out of order isn’t it?  It sounds like Bob’s experience only got worse after that as well as Harry Blackhurst, of West Kent Hunt Sabs, said:

The 64-year-old in our group is affectionately known as ‘Uncle Bob’.

He was really shaken up after the incident and when he got back in the vehicle he absolutely reeked.

We almost had to ask him to get out because we were feeling sick being around him.

He had terrible blocked sinuses and a bad sore throat.

He actually went to the doctors about it after and had a blood test.

We didn’t know what was in that bottle. It could have been anything.

Think of all the diseases foxes could carry.

Jesus – that literally sounds like it could have killed poor old Uncle Bob, doesn’t it?  Fortunately, he survived and Hadlow was fined £640 after being found guilty of common assault at Maidstone Crown Court on Tuesday. If she hunts foxes for fun though that’s probably not even gonna be too much of a minor inconvenience to be honest though is it? Bitch.

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