Fox News Claim Barack Obama Used Raw Onion To Make Himself Cry During Gun Control Speech

Yet more Fox bullshit.

Guns in America are a hot topic, and everyone in the UK and Europe generally can’t help but see the gaping problems inherent in America’s gun culture. Ridiculous stories keep trickling through the wire as if someone’s left that damn 2nd amendment tap on again, and it keeps incessantly dripping on our heads, slowly driving us all insane, because like Chinese water torture (and gun shot victims), we all reckon there’s a hole in our head now.

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Well get ready for another dose of madness, because a Fox News contributor has accused Barack Obama of pretending to cry during his landmark speech on introducing tougher gun controls. Here’s the speech in question:

To any of you not well-versed in the Executive Action Obama recently enacted, it’s only bringing about very minor change in terms of more thorough checks for people buying sub-machine guns and for the people and establishments selling them. There’s a few more bits and pieces, but that’s the gist.

You might say ‘why the fuck is it such a big deal if that’s the extent of it’, and you’d be right. But this is about as much Obama can do legally without being battled tooth and nail by the Republican side of Washington and ultimately beaten by the 2nd Amendment that promises all the right to bear arms.

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Fox contributor Andrea Tantaros said the leader’s show of emotion was not ‘believable’, and that she:

Would check the podium for a raw onion or some No More Tears [a brand name for Johnson’s baby shampoo].

I mean. it’s not really believable. It is awards season after all.

Co-host Melissa Francis described Mr Obama’s apparent show of emotion as ‘bad political theatre’:

I feel bad about those kids in Connecticut, but it’s only about this that he gets so upset about and never about terror.

Check out the video here:

Let’s be real for a moment. Obama can’t get visibly upset with terrorism or terrorist incidents like these guys are saying he should, otherwise that would play into the terrorists goal of showing Obama to be weak, rudderless etc.

Crying at the memory of those kids who were murdered at Sandy Hook as well as so many before and after isn’t weakness. It’s helplessness: helplessness at being the leader of a country bound to keep committing mass shootings thanks to its commitment to an outdated piece of paper. Even if he did use some sort of crying agent (and this is doubtful), focusing on this is misses the point by several miles. 

It’s not the first time Fox News contributors have been overtly critical of Obama. In December, analyst Lt Col Ralph Peters called Mr Obama a ‘pussy’ live on air, claiming he was ‘afraid’ to fight Isis. Later that day, another contributor, Stacey Dash, said Mr Obama ‘didn’t give a shit’.

Both were suspended from the channel for two weeks. Fox can suck one.


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