Unreal Video Of 4 People Being Struck By Lightning While Taking Cover Under A Tree (NSFW)

Holy crap.

Shocking footage out of Gurugram, India, this week shows the moment four people were struck by lightning while taking cover under a tree during a thunderstorm.

Apparently, standing under a tree is the second worst place you can be during a lightning storm (after being out in the open), but I’d hazard a guess that these 4 men did not know that:

Damn. What are the odds? All four of them took shelter under that tree and all four got blasted by a single bolt of lightning. I’m not sure if that means less damage because the current travelled through all of them, but that might be the case given that they all thankfully survived after being rushed to hospital. I actually thought one of them had avoided being struck after the first three dropped in synchronisation, but turns out he was just lagging behind.

So now all that’s left to find out is whether these lightning strike survivors developed any kind of superpowers? Either way – they might find themselves sporting some pretty cool ‘natural’ lightning tattoos which survivors are often left with. Here are some examples:

Worth being struck by lightning for? Definitely not. But still pretty cool all the same. Ts and Ps with these men in India and we wish them a speedy recovery.

For similarly insane footage of a Russian football player being struck by lightning as he kicked a ball during training, click HERE. Crazy.


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