Former World Boxing Champion Kell Brook Filmed Sniffing Cocaine At His House

His manager said that he was just ‘joking around’.

It’s not really that big a deal now to see a celebrity filmed doing cocaine because when pretty much everyone you know does it all the time then you just assume that the rich and famous are doing it even more regularly, but the videos are still going to get all the attention because there’s still some kind of novelty value to it all.

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The latest celebrity to go viral snorting lines is former IBF welterweight boxing champion boxer Kell Brook, who was filmed knocking back a white powder at a party at his house over the weekend. Here’s what a source -presumably one of his scumbag mates who filmed him without his permission and then sold it to the newspapers – told The Sun:

He had a bit of a gathering at his house where people were drinking spirits and smoking.

He was snorting white powder.

Kell seems a bit lost without boxing, and it seems like it would be better for him if he made a comeback.

He seems to be surrounded by the wrong people, who are not a good influence on him.

I dunno is it really that bad? Seems to be what most people in this country do every weekend these days and the guy is retired now and probably lived a fairly strict life beforehand, why can’t he cut loose and enjoy himself every now and again as long as he can keep it under control? Bit of a non event these days really.

Predictably, his manager has released a nonsensical statement denying that he wasn’t snorting cocaine but not offering any real explanation for why he would be acting like he was in the video above if it wasn’t. Here’s what he had to say:

This is a thing that has sort of got out of hand.

They were at his house, they were having a laugh.

They were joking about things.

He said to them, ‘Film me having a laugh’.

The powder is not cocaine.

Lol I can see why this guy gets paid the big bucks when he puts statements like that out. Absolutely irrefutable.

Anyway, like I said who really cares? No different to what half of the population is doing any Saturday night. Give the guy a break.

For more of the same, check out Steve-O’s video where he exclusively talks about celebrities he’s done cocaine with. Maybe he’ll be adding Kell Brook to that list soon.


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