Former CIA Agent Says Aliens ‘Use Our Planet Like A Supermarket’



Former CIA contractor Ingo Swann has made claims that aliens user our planet “like a supermarket,” according to UFO site Collective Evolution.

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Apparently Swann was headhunted while working in an academic position in Stanford, as the CIA wanted him to use his mind in order to “sense” what UFOs were up to.

Recalling one incident he describes watching a UFO extracting water from a lake. Here’s his full story, as quoted by Richard Dolan in his book ‘UFOs & The National Security State, The Cover Up Exposed 1973-1991’:

They came to a small lake, and Axelrod said that as dawn approached, Swann would be able to see “it” through the pines. ‘We now wait and hope we are lucky. Say nothing, do not make any noise…they detect heat, noise, motion like mad.

Dawn arrived, and Swann saw a fog developing over the lake. This went on for five minutes, until the fog developed a luminous neon-blue color. Then, according to Swann, the color changed to an “angry purple” Axelrod and one of the twins each placed a hand firmly on Swann’s shoulders while “a network of purple, red, and yellow lightning bolts shot in all crazy directions through the cloud. Swann said he would have jumped if the two had not held him down. He saw an object, almost transparent at first, but then “solidly visible over the lake.” It was triangular or diamond-shaped, growing in size.


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Swann, in terror and amazement, heard a strong wind moving past, rustling the pine trees so much that some cones and branches fell on them.  The object then began to shoot out “ruby red laster-like beams” as it continued to grow even more in size while maintaining its position on the lake. Very quietly, one of the twins said, “Shit! They’re enveloping the area. They’re going to spot us.”

As Swann later recalled the event, some of the red laser beams from the object were “blasting” pine trees, and he could hear low frequency pulsations. Axelrod whispered to Swann that the beams were probably honing in on deer or other forest creatures, as they sense biological body heat. “They’re sure to hone in on us,” he told Swann. Just then, one of the twins literally lifted and dragged Swann away, but not before Swann noticed the water of the lake surging upward, “like a waterfall going upward, as if being sucked into the ‘machine.”

The four ran quickly and at great length, sustaining minor cuts and bruises. Eventually they stopped, breathing hard, and waited for more than thirty minutes, until one of the twins said all was clear.

Axelrod then asked Swann whether he could sense anything form the craft.

Swann burst out laughing. “You’re completely nuts, Axel! I have to be calm, cool, collected and in good shape to sense anything.” But Swann offered the insight that the craft was “a drone of some kind, unmanned, controlled from somewhere else.” Axelrod asked him what it was doing there, to which Swann replied “Well, for chrissakes! It was thirsty! Taking on water, obviously. Someone, somewhere needs water… so I suppose they just come and get it. You don’t need to be a psychic to see that.” Essentially, said Swann, ‘they’ treated Earth as the neighbourhood supermarket.

Well, I don’t know much about extraterrestrial life forms and secret CIA UFO sightings, so I’m probably not clued-up enough to make an informed opinion. However, my uninformed self will say that this sounds pretty far-fetched. Surely if aliens were regularly coming to earth in order to nab a few of our crops and jack some water, then more people would have spotted them by now?

Of course I could be wrong. I’ll have to eat my words if it turns out that that Tom DeLonge was right all along and a space war is in fact imminent.



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