Former Aston Villa Legend Dalian Atkinson Has Been Tasered To Death By Police

Dalian Atkinson of Aston Villa


If you remember the early years of the Premier League then you’ll remember Dalian Atkinson absolutely tearing it up playing as a striker for Aston Villa and scoring one of the all time great goals against Wimbledon where he ran the length of the pitch and then lobbed the keeper.

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You can see that goal below but we’re unfortunately not here to celebrate Atkinson’s career as it has today been announced that he died in the early hours of this morning after shockingly being repeatedly tasered by police.

West Mercia Police have stated that they were called to a house in Telford early this morning at around 1:30 a.m. amid concerns for the safety of an individual. This is what they say happened afterwards:

Upon arrival Taser was deployed and a 48-year-old man, who subsequently received medical attention, was pronounced dead at approximately 3am.

West Mercia Police are unable to comment any further as the incident has been referred to the Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) as is normal procedure and will assist the IPCC with their enquiries.

Jesus. You would think that if you were getting tasered by UK cops rather than getting shot at by US cops then you might survive a house call like this, but I guess not even that is a guarantee in life anymore.

In all seriousness though this sounds completely awful and it’s amplified by the fact that it’s happened to a Premier League legend like Dalian Atkinson. I’m sure more details about the incident will emerge in the coming hours, but until then RIP.


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