Forget X-Factor, ‘The Sex Factor’ Is Now Streaming Online

Sex Factor

The winner gets $1 million AND the chance to film a porn scene with Belle Knox.

And they said reality TV couldn’t get any worse, this is definitely some lowest of the low shit. I think a reality show where the contestants have to kill each other might be classier than this.

From its name – The Sex Factor – you can probably guess what’s involved but it’s got kind of a twist to it too. The competition pits 8 girls and 8 guys who have never had sex on camera before (or at least say they haven’t) against each other in what you would assume are increasingly difficult rounds of pornography. The two winners then get one million dollars and to shoot a porn scene with Belle Knox, who I’m told is quite a big deal in the porn business although of course I wouldn’t know anything about that myself. And when I said both the winners that’s exactly what I mean – it’ll be a three way.

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The show pretty much runs exactly like the X Factor, only with sex scenes instead of singing and there are four other porn stars offering their advice too (also never heard of these guys but they sound like big deals): 2014 Penthouse Pet of the Year Lexi Belle, AVN Female Performer of the Year Tori Black, 2014 AVN Best Actress winner Remi LaCroix and Keiran Lee, the only guy. His dick is insured for $1 million.

So, is this a completely sick idea or completely disgusting? I guess it depends on whether you think porn is disgusting or not but at least most people would probably agree that it at least looks the part. The thing about this though is that if these guys are amateurs then it’s going to look fucking awkward the first time they get going and there’s a lot of possibilities for really embarrassing stuff to happen i.e. not getting it in the right hole, premature ejaculation, just looking really really awful etc etc.

To be fair the more I think about it the more I think it sounds like a completely sick idea – I mean how jokes is it going to be watching a bunch of idiots who have never filmed porn trying to look good filming porn? Probably about as funny as watching a video of someone losing their virginity – which incidentally is another great idea for a reality show, although I’m not sure how the format would work.

Obviously The Sex Factor isn’t being shown on TV, you have to watch it online. You can check out a trailer for it below, it’s vaguely NSFW so maybe me careful if you’re not in the comfort of your own home.

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