This Footballer’s ‘Romantic’ Tattoo Is Pure Nightmare Fuel

Face tattoo featured

Straight up terrifying.

Serbian defender Uros Vitas tried to pull a Romeo move recently by getting his wife’s face tattooed on his torso.

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In theory, it’s a romantic gesture, but in reality it is pure nightmare fuel. The footballer, who currently plays for Belgian club Mechelen, posted the monstrosity on Instagram, where he stated: 

You were you and I was me. We were two individuals for our time.

I was yours before I knew it, and you have always been mine!

Uros Snezana

Vitas, 24, completed the post with a picture of his new inking. It might be more than what most footballers do for their wives, but while Snezana might appreciate the gesture, surely she can’t be happy with the results. Surely:

Face tatoo

Just why? Why did the tattoo artist allow this? Why so big? And why did he only choose features and no face outline? All kinds of nope.

Maybe he should’ve tested it out with one of these temporary tattoos first. It might’ve saved his wife from a lot of sleepless nights.


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