Football Referee Reduced To Tears After Fans Won’t Stop Cussing His Mum

When a mum joke goes too far.

It’s not often (or ever) Tunisian football gets featured on Sick Chirpse, but when a referee gets reduced to tears by a rowdy crowd who keep insulting his mum, it’s getting posted every time.

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The actual game on Christmas Eve between CA Bizertin and Marsa was overshadowed by fans who wouldn’t leave the ref alone, eventually leaving him a sobbing mess in the middle of the pitch.

Credit to the players, they actually gather round to console him. I mean mum jokes are one thing, but having thousands of people all cussing your mum at once must be a different ball game altogether.

Watch below:

The ref offered this defiant quote from the locker room afterwards:

Hearing of such insults, it’s hard to hold back tears. No one likes to hear his mother insulted. God bless my mother!

God bless her indeed!

Still I’m sure he’d rather ref the Tunisian leagues than the Brazilian ones, considering what happens to referees over there.


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