Bitter Football Player Ruins Game By Throwing Corner Flag At The Crowd (VIDEO)

One fan shot a firework at Malmo player Tobias Sana – here’s how he responded.

The game between Swedish football teams IFK Göteborg and Malmo was abandoned the other day when fans of IFK Göteborg threw a firework on the field in the direction of Malmo substitute Tobias Sana.

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How did Sana respond? By picking up the corner flag and lobbing it into the crowd like a javelin, of course.

The were still 15 minutes to go till Full Time when the incident occurred, but the ref decided it was best to stop the match and send both teams to their locker rooms.

Watch below:

Ordinarily I wouldn’t condone throwing a corner flag into the crowd like a javelin and almost impaling someone, but you have to remember some tosser threw a firework at him first. If you’re going to dish it out, you’ve got to be able to take it. That’s the #1 rule of being an arsehole at football matches (and in general). Keep an eye out for any corner flags aimed at your face if you’re the type of person to launch fireworks onto the pitch.

Pity no one did the same during this brutal Ukranian football hooligan brawl.


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