Watch This Football Player Get His Dislocated Knee Popped Back Into Its Socket

Juan Carvajal


Anyone who has ever dislocated a shoulder knows how painful and wonky it feels, but getting it popped back in is undeniably the worst part. At least it usually feels better after that bit though.

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In the video below, we’re dealing with a knee not a shoulder as a young football player lies in agony on the pitch. His name is Juan Carvajal and he’s only 17-years-old playing for Club de Muchachos Nueva Casarapa in Venezuela.

The medics know what they’re doing and slowly lower his leg to the ground whilst he writhes in pain. His knee eventually pops back into its socket in one of the grossest bone movements I think I’ve ever seen:

So quick eh? I can’t really imagine what that would have felt like popping in but it sure did give me a shudder when I saw it just now. Kinda surprised Juan held it together so well considering his age, but I suppose that probably is one of the times in your life when you don’t wanna look like a pussy isn’t it? Props to the guy regardless though.

For more dislocations, here’s an MMA fighter popping his opponent’s shoulder back into place. Respect.


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