Football Linesman Takes An A+ Dive And Gets Chilean Player Sent Off (VIDEO)

I can’t believe the ref actually fell for this.

A Chilean footballer was sent off in a league match between Huachipato and Palestino the other night, after the linesman Carlos Echeverria decided to take a dive for some reason.

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The ref on the pitch completely fell for it and gave Huachipato’s Angelo Sagal a red card.

Watch below:

Pablo Pozo, chairman of the referee’s committee in Chile says that the incident is being looked into:

We have analyzed the whole issue, we talked to the referee, in this case Claudio Puga, and will talk to Carlos Echeverria, and we obviously will take some resolution after having all the facts.

Obviously overreaction is not something we like, it’s not something that we agree with, and that is a good topic that we are discussing and reviewing internally.

The baffling thing is why the linesman would want to dive or fake an injury in the first place? It’s not like he was trying to win a decision on the pitch. Maybe he was hoping he’d get stretchered off and paid for a full day’s work while he watched the rest of the game at home? If so then you can’t really hate on the move. Still an outrageous dive though.

P.S. Still the GOAT of dive videos:

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