Football Legend Diego Maradona Has Died Aged 60

RIP to a true great.

When it comes to legendary icons of football, there aren’t many that can top Diego Maradona and so it’s with great sadness that we report that his death has now been confirmed at the age of 60 by ESPN Argentina.

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Maradona had a successful operation on a blood clot on his brain earlier this month and whilst the exact cause of death isn’t known at the time of writing, it’s thought that his death probably has arisen from a cardiac arrest related to this. Needless to say, there’s been an outpouring of love for the great man and his various triumphs in Italy, Argentina and Spain – and of course with Argentina on the world stage in 1986 – on social media.

Here are a few highlights from his career to remember the great man:

What a legend. Of course, it’s well documented that Maradona became a bit of a maniac in the last thirty years with increasingly erratic behaviour and drug use, but that all seemed to make him into even more of a lovable and enigmatic character. His excessive cocaine use probably had some effect on his heart too you would think.

RIP to a true legend of the game. Thoughts with his family and loved ones at this time too, even if he was a complete bastard to our whole country in 1986.

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