This Football Fan’s Pie Is Literally The Most Rank Pie Of All Time


They’re serving up something really special in Wolverhampton.

When you got to a football match and order a pie, you hardly expect to receive one of the most gourmet pies you’ve ever experienced, but you expect to be getting something better than what this Villa fan was objected to over the weekend in Wolverhampton.

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My old buddy Stevie Green was travelling to the match with his friend Gavin Robertson, when Gavin thought it would be a great idea to bag himself a £3.10 mushy pea pie. Bad idea, because it ended up looking like this:

Jesus – do you want to take a closer look at that?

Man, that makes me never want to order a pie anywhere ever again. My guessing would be that the ‘peas’ somehow managed to congeal when they wee unfrozen or weren’t cooked, but man is it rancid to even think that you’re literally eating a mushed up version of that block of crap every time you order one of those pies.

I guess mistakes and errors do happen in the catering industry, but man, Wolves are gonna have a lot of explaining to do before they come back from this one. At least they managed to beat Villa 2-0 I suppose – must have been an extra specially awful trip for Stevie.

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