Football Fans Freaked Out By Child Caught Smoking At Match – But He’s Actually 36

Lol wut?

Every now and again you come across someone who looks way younger or older than they actually are, but I don’t think anyone is gonna believe that the guy in the picture above is 36 – are they?

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This is the news going around after his age was apparently verified after Twitter users struck up a massive fuss after they spotted the man in question smoking during a charity football match over in Turkey between Bursaspor and Fenerbahce.  The match was also shown on television and the man was picked up on TV during the scene below, looking pretty much like that baby over in the Philippines that smokes 40 cigarettes a day:

Lol come off it mate surely he can’t be 36? Apparently this is true though – at least according to the Instagram account below – which claims that the man is 36 and the child sitting next to him wasn’t his mate, but in actual fact his son who he had brought along to the match with him. Who would have thought that hey?


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“Sigara içen çocuk” diye paylaşsigim arkadaşın 36 yaşında olduğu ortaya çıkdi #fenerbahce #YüreğiniKoyOrtaya

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Yeah I’m still not sure if I believe that myself, but it seems to be the story that everyone seems to be going with on this one. How the hell does he manage to look like that though when he’s 36 hey?

Even if people believe he’s 36 (I still don’t), then he might have another problem as well. Smoking is illegal in public places in Turkey, so it’s likely that he’ll also be tracked down by the government and issued with a fine for having one in the stadium. It’ll only be about £13, but still, it’s less than ideal isn’t it? What a crazy night out for the guy.

For more of the same, check out this study that says smoking cigarettes can make your dick shrink. No problem when you’re pre pubescent like this guy though.


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