This Football Fan Dug Up His Granddad’s Skull So He Could Celebrate Team’s Historic Win

Grandson goals.

No one takes their football (or soccer if you like) more seriously than south Americans, and this has once again been proven in NSFL fashion over in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

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Racing fan Gabriel Aranda was elated when his team clinched the Superliga title last weekend, but he was gutted that his dead granndad, a lifelong Racing fan, couldn’t join in the celebrations that took over the streets of Buenos Aires.

No biggie, he just dug up his granddad’s grave, exhumed his skull, and took it with him as he celebrated:

Real heartwarming stuff.

I don’t know what the laws are regarding digging up dead bodies in Argentina but I’ve got a feeling Gabriel could not care less. I mean we can only hope our families love us enough to one day dig up our remains so we can attend an event they knew we would have loved if we were alive. Absolutely no chill at all.

For the time Brazilian football fans decapitated a referee, click HERE. Casual.


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