Football Fan Gets Barcode Tattoo That Scans To YouTube Highlight Video, Rival Fan Reports Video For Copyright

Troll of the century.

An Argentinian football fan who is a big time supporter of River Plate FC got a barcode tattoo that scanned to a YouTube highlight video of his team.

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Pretty damn cool actually:

Just one problem really – the highlight video was a compilation put together by some random YouTuber and in no way affiliated with the team itself. I think you can tell where this is going…

And boom:

Welp, how did he not see that one coming? I mean how often have you clicked on a YouTube video and got the “this video is unavailable/has been removed for copyright violations” message? Happens all the time. Big up this Argentinian man for the cool tattoo idea but lacking in foresight just a little bit there.

For more brilliant troll moves, get a load of the billionaire who put up a massive portrait of him and his new wife in NYC to make his ex-wife jealous.


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