This Is What Happens When You Try To Break Into Area 51


Nice try.

It’s long been theorised that there’s something completely fishy going on at Area 51 over in the middle of the United States in the desert, and it’s often thought that this involves alien technology – there’s just never been any proof.

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This video doesn’t exactly provide any proof, but it certainly alludes to the fact that something super secretive is going on in there as two bikers who are driving around the edge of the facility are stopped out of nowhere and held at gunpoint by two camo guys in a jeep. Intense.

Well, I suppose we all already kinda knew that Area 51 wasn’t a place you could easily get into, but that really does ram it home doesn’t it? Admittedly these guys do buy their excuses that they’re ‘adventure travellers’ – which is a pretty goddamn weak excuse – but I suppose they can’t go around arresting everyone that comes close because it’s a lot of paperwork/unnecessary hassle. Probably was easier to rough them up a bit and intimidate them, right?

With this coming out and former Blink 182 singer Tom DeLonge having meetings with prominent White House officials regarding the existence of aliens, it’s probably only a short amount of time before the truth is finally revealed. Fingers crossed, anyway.


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