Is This Footage Of A Guy Kicking A Cat Over A Fence Real?

Guy Kicks Cat Over Fence

It’s like he’s hitting a field goal.

The internet is often divided over whether or not videos (or news these days) are real or fake, but sometimes you just see something and have got to think there’s no way it can be real. This is definitely one of those times.

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The video below has absolutely no context and shows some guy in the garden taunting a cat with a treat. The cat gets up on its hind legs and then without any warning, the dude kicks it so hard that it flies about thirty metres over the fence.

Check it out and see what you think:

Right? Surely that can’t be real? Surely someone can’t kick a cat that far? They’re just too heavy and not that aerodynamic, I find it really hard to believe. Good job on the editing though because it looks realistic as fuck and there’s no jump.

If on the slight chance that this is real, then I apologise in advance and reckon this dude needs to be found and thrown in prison or something. That’s absolutely no way to treat an animal.

For more fake videos, check out this one that made $130,000 in donations and turned out to be bullshit. Gotta love a good scam.


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