Man’s Girlfriend Reveals The Disgusting Truth Of Getting Chicken Pox As An Adult

Chicken pox

Stomach churning.

Most of the population get infected with chicken pox as a child and as such, end up with a few days off school and a bunch of scars from where they scratched them off.

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However, the unlucky few who don’t get it when they’re young run the risk of catching it when they’re older and let’s just say, adult chicken pox do not look fun.

A gruesome video shows a severe outbreak in a 32-year-old man who is literally covered in pus-filled spots that are highly infectious.

The footage was uploaded by an unnamed man from London. His girlfriend, who also wishes to remain anonymous, told Sick Chirpse:

It took nearly two weeks for the hundreds of swollen infectious pimples to go down and until then you have you stay in quarantine as you are highly infectious.

You also can’t pop any because they will leave some pretty bad scars.

They literally covered every inch of his body… inside the mouth, his head, his ears and his genitals.

Wow that sucks. Just imagine having dozens of massive, pus-filled spots all over your dick? It makes me gag just thinking about it, although it does help me to appreciate the fact that I got chicken pox when I was a kid because getting it when you’re an adult looks worse than getting herpes.

I bet the poor guy was just dying to pop some of those badboys.


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