Incredible Footage Shows Great White Shark Swimming In Shallow Waters


Too close for comfort.

I think if I ever saw a shark in open water then I would get as far away as possible from it, even if it seemed to be badly hurt and couldn’t actually attack me. You just never know with those fuckers.

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These guys called the Pearson Brothers are a bit braver than me though and when they saw a shark flapping about in the water obviously hurt, they decided to float right on up to it to get some footage. They discovered that a propeller of a boat had shredded through the shark’s back and so decided to help the poor thing.

The video itself is eight minutes long and although that might seem a bit of a slog, it’s worth it for this guy’s commentary:

That guy cracks me up. Shame about the sting ray hit though.

The shark looks pretty cut up and battered, but the dude’s narration at the end seems to imply that it was OK. Not sure if you’re supposed to hope for a shark to be OK because they’re ruthless assholes a lot of the time, but I don’t wanna see anything die so I’m rooting for it this time.

For more evidence of sharks being scary mother fuckers, check out this video.


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