There’s Finally Footage Of The Giant Inflatable Minions Attack In Ireland

Footage Inflatable Minion Attack

It doesn’t disappoint.

We ran a story ac couple of days ago about a giant inflatable Minion that had somehow escaped from its tether in Dublin and floated around the city causing chaos wherever it turned, but at the time we only had a few photographs of it and not the video that everybody craved.

Well, that problem has been solved now after someone uploaded this short clip yesterday. As expected, the Minion rolls down the street, totally messing up the flow of traffic and scaring the crap out of people.

Even though it’s only a short clip there are a lot of good parts, like where the car slowly swerves out of the way of it or where the guy in the car filming it ducks down onto his seat in the hopes that this might cause it to avoid his car, despite the fact it’s coming right for him. Unfortunately there’s no getting out of the way of this pissed off Minion dude.

The video disappointingly ends when the Minion positions itself on the dude’s car but it’s still something else seeing it rolling down the street coming straight for you. Not quite as epic as the great Cleveland balloon disaster though.

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